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Why CppDepend?

Code Rule & Code Query

Support for Code Query over LINQ (CQLinq) to easily write custom rules and query code.

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Technical Debt Estimation

For each issue, the cost to fix and the severity are estimated through customizable C# formulas.

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Quality Gate

Quality Gates are C# LINQ (CQLinq) queries that implement PASS/FAIL criteria to code quality.

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Integrate CppDepend into your build process and get highly detailed reports to see progression and prevent code quality degradation.

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CppDepend supports out of the box the most popular C++ standards: MISRA, CERT, CWE, and HICPP.

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Code Vizualisation

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, CppDepend proposes several unique ways to visualize your code.

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They love CppDepend

CppDepend is a great tool which helps to improve code quality. With better code, product is more stable and easier to maintain. New version improved quite a bit and it shows impact of code changes on quality. Which means that CppDepend is guiding programmer to code better.New feature of calculating code debt is also very interesting because it points out how much resources are wasted while maintaining product due breaking different rules.It is also great to see that use of CppDepend is not visually affecting performance of development environment, like some other tools do. CppDepend should be must have tool for every developer.

Zlatko Waiss
CEO & General Manager at Advansys

The analysis of my concurrency source files impressed me. I will, therefore, invest in the future more time to better understand the various metrics of CppDepend and apply them to my other source files. My gut feeling is that I can draw many benefits from CppDepend.

Rainer Grimm
Professional Author, Trainer, And Coach For C++ At Modernes C++.

We use the CppDepend to analyze the source every day. and Publish the results to the Local Web. It is also linked to Sonarqube using an additional Sonarqube plugin. CppDepend is used as the final verification of the source code. And it has helped a lot.

SungBum Shin

The ability to write own queries in CQLinq and get immediately the result presented is outstanding and make it for me the best tool for analyzing static C++ code. In general I like the continuous way of improving the product over the years by adding support for test coverage and CI stuff like sonar or jenkins. Additionally I would thank your support team, which is always very helpful and responsive.

Martin Blatt
Product Owner / Product Architect bei ETAS GmbH.

It was a great opportunity for our young students to quickly revise best practices, learn about common mistakes and improve their codebase. It also allowed them to argue for certain aspects of quality assurance in their code for the course.

Francisco Lopez Luro
Department of Creative Technologies, BTH.

In general we are happy with the functionality of CppDepend. I like especially the possibility to use the product on Windows and Linux.

Alex Darby
Founder/Director of darbotron ltd Arch Creatives.

Using CppDepend is like climbing an observation tower and look at the work you have done in the excavation of your project and you will find astonishing details you never thought about just by changing your point of view.

Martin Richter
German MVP for C++ for over 10 years.

See how professionals use CppDepend

Hexagon Case Study

Hexagon uses CppDepend to identify the relationships that could be improved as well as understand the scope of modularization. CppDepend does a fantastic job showing where they can use more modern code patterns and solutions.

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ETAS GmbH Case Study

ETAS GmbH uses CppDepend to track mainly the dependencies between their modules to be aware if there are forbidden dependencies introduced by code changes.

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