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Selection by Metrics and display of types set selected on the Metrics View

Using the Dependencies Structure Matrix to understand coupling between projects

Generating a graph from the Dependency Structure Matrix of a dependency cycle between some projects

Using the Metrics view to browse the structure

Using the Graph view to browse the structure

Dashboard comparing 2 versions of POCO.

Editing a Trend Chart

Selecting the list of methods where the code was changed between 2 versions.

The Help panel

C/C++ SonarQube Plugin

Standard metrics: The plugin counts the number of lines of code. It also comes with other standard code metrics. Some of them are related to your code organization.

Directories and Files dependencies: The DSM provided by SonarQube show the dependencies at the file level, and we can easily detect the dependencies weight between directories, files and their dependency cycles.

CppDepend metrics: The plugin provides some useful design metrics like: Afferent coupling (Ca), Efferent coupling (Ce), Instability (I)

Abstractness vs Instability: The main sequence line (dotted) in the above diagram shows the how abstractness and instability should be balanced.

Code Duplication: The CPD which is a powerful tool to detect duplications is used to calculate some useful metrice about duplications.

CppDepend and Cppcheck rules repository.


Project Management

Selecting projects to analyze (on code to analyse sub panel). The selected projects will be added automatically to the list.

Information and warnings about the health of the Build process, emitted during analysis.

Details of the CQLinq queries edition with intellisense

Posters built by CppDepend

With CppDepend, software quality can be measured using Code Metrics, visualized using Graphs and Treemaps, and enforced using standard and custom Rules.

CppDepend offers a wide range of features. It is often described as a Swiss Army Knife for C and C++ developers.

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