Editions Comparison

Editions Comparison

CppDepend for Developer is dedicated to developers that use CppDepend interactive UI from:
  • CppDepend 100% integrated in Visual Studio 2017, 2015, 2013, 2012 and 2010.
  • or throught the VisualCppDepend.exe standalone executable.
Each developer using CppDepend interactive UI counts as a license seat.
CppDepend for Build Machine is dedicated to build servers and Continuous Integration (CI) servers that integrate CppDepend analysis into their build processes and produce CppDepend reports. Each physical machine and each virtual machine (VM) that runs a build process integrating CppDepend counts as a license seat.
* The CppDepend v2018.2 for Linux will be released in few weeks, and meanwhile you can download and enjoy CppDepend v6.


Have a look at the following feature matrix to help you choose the right version for your needs.

Developer Edition

Build Machine

Analysis of Application Projects, Code Source and Third-Party Projects
Smart Technical Debt Estimation (On windows version only),
Quality Gate (On windows version only)
Default and Custom: Code Rules,
Trend Metrics and Trend Charts,
Quality Gates (On windows version only)
Automatic Report (HTML + javascript) Production through CppDepend.Console.exe
Possible Integration into the Build Process
C/C++ SonarQube Plugin
Warnings about the Health of the Build Process
Interactive UI Integration in Visual Studio 2017, 2015, 2013, 2012 and 2010
Interactive UI: Dependency Graph
Interactive UI: Dependency Matrix
Interactive UI: Metrics Visualization through Treemaping
Build Comparison / Code Diff
Edition of custom CQLinq Queries and Rules
Usage of Power Tools
Running an Analysis from Power Tools


We offer Developer and Build machine editions. For more details see the purchase page.
Each license entitles you to all maintenance and update releases within the same major version.
The trial license is fully featured, but time limited (14-day free trial.)
You can purchase using your credit card from our purchase page, or purchase directly from us. Please contact sales@cppdepend.com for a quotation.
After your payment is complete, you'll receive two separate e-mails :
  • One confirmation email from BlueSnap, sent a few minutes after you placed your order.
  • One license email with your license ID. The license email is sent from a few minutes to a few hours after you placed your order, the time it takes to validate the payment information.
We provide some flexibility if you would like to purchase large volumes of licenses. For more details see the purchase page or contact us.