Build Monitor


There are a lot of managed C/C++ build systems like Makefile, CMake, SCon and Visual Studio. To perform the analysis CppDepend needs all the data concerning the compilation and the link commands. The Build Monitor intercept them from your build command in order to generate a build file specification.

How to Use the BuildMonitor Tool?

  • Intercept commands from the command line:

    To generate a build file specification of your build process, you have to execute the following command:

    BuildMonitor -o build-command

    For example if you build your project like this:

    You have just to replace it with the following one:

    Notice that for Windows OS 64 bit, you must use BuildMonitor64.exe instead of BuildMonitor.exe.

  • Intercept commands from the IDE:

    For Windows You can also use -v switch to intercept build command from visual editors, for example if you run this command:

    BuildMonitor -o -v devenv

    Every build started from the launched Visual Studio will be intercepted.

Supported compilers

CppDepend supports gcc, Clang and Microsoft compiler.

To support other compilers you can configure them from the "Compiler Configuration Panel" ( Tools->Options>Compilation Configuration)

If the compiler configuration is not sufficient to have a valid result, please contact us at

CppDepend offers a wide range of features. It is often described as a Swiss Army Knife for C and C++ developers.

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