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  • Are you interested in Developer or/and DevOps? *Find the editions comparison here,
  • Number of CppDepend for Developer seats,
  • Number of CppDepend for DevOps seats,
    + The number of Lines of Code that will be analyzed with CppDepend.

Renew your CppDepend Subscription

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Key Features

  • Rules customization,
  • Code Vizualisation,
  • Report customization,
  • Plugins integration,
  • Technical Debt,
  • DevOps Integration,
  • SonarQube Integration.


  • +450 CppDepend Rules,
  • MISRA,
  • Autosar,
  • CERT,
  • Code smells,
  • CWE,
  • HICPP.

Supported Compilers

  • Clang,
  • Microsoft Visual Studio,
  • GCC,
  • Intel C/C++,
  • Renesas,
  • Sun C/C++,
  • Texas Intruments,
  • CodeComposer,
  • Wind River,
  • ARM RealView,
  • CodeWarrior,
  • Others...

CppDepend offers a wide range of features. It is often described as a Swiss Army Knife for C and C++ developers.

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