CppDepend 2024: C/C++ Analysis Tool Update

CppDepend 2024.1: Advanced Source Explorer, Support for C++23/C++20/C++17, C++ Modules Support, and More.

Advanced Source Explorer

CppDepend 2024.1 introduces an advanced source explorer featuring the following functionalities:

  • Issue Navigation: Seamlessly navigate through file issues via the toolbar,
  • Issue Evolution: Explore the status of issues, including those that are new, resolved, or still pending,
  • Labels: Apply labels to methods for acquiring meaningful metrics,
  • Diff Comparison: Assess changes relative to the baseline,
  • Dependency Navigation: Interactive dependencies within a method to highlight existing issues.
Advanced Source Explorer

C++ Modules Support

CppDepend 2024.1 comes equipped with comprehensive support for C++ modules, ensuring complete compatibility and integration with this feature of the C++ programming language. This enhancement allows for more efficient and streamlined handling of C++ module functionalities within the CppDepend environment.

C++ Modules

Improved Linux Support

CppDepend 2024.1 brings significant improvements to the graphical user interface of its Linux version, especially in the dashboard area, and boasts enhanced parsing capabilities through the integration of the most recent version of the Clang front-end parser.

Refine External Symbols

CppDepend 2024.1 introduces significant advancements in the identification of external elements, making this process more efficient. Additionally, it streamlines the procedure for refining these externals, enhancing overall ease and effectiveness.

Refine external symbols

Support for C++23/C++20/C++17

CppDepend 2024.1 provides comprehensive support for the entire range of features found in C++23, C++20, and C++17, ensuring full compatibility and integration with these recent standards of the C++ programming language.

C++23, C++20, C++17 Support

Improved Incremental analysis

CppDepend 2024.1 features a greatly optimized incremental analysis, which guarantees swift parsing of projects after the initial analysis has been completed. This enhancement significantly speeds up the process for subsequent project evaluations.

Improved Visual Studio support

In CppDepend 2024.1, parsing of Visual Studio solutions and projects has been substantially enhanced to effectively handle complex vcproj/vcxproj configurations. Additionally, there is now a straightforward method to selectively filter which solution projects are parsed.

Visual Studio Support

New Useful Rules Added

CppDepend 2024.1 enhances its current set of rules and introduces new, compelling ones, such as the "potential dead code" rules, adding more depth and insight into code analysis.

New useful rules added

With CppDepend, software quality can be measured using Code Metrics, visualized using Graphs and Treemaps, and enforced using standard and custom Rules.

CppDepend offers a wide range of features. It is often described as a Swiss Army Knife for C and C++ developers.

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