What's new in CppDepend 5!

Powerful way to combine many useful C/C++ tools

CppDepend v5.0 offers the ability to import the results files from any C/C++ static analysis tool. It supports out of the box the XML files from CppCheck and CPD, however you can integrate any other analysis tool by providing to CppDepend our XML template. These imported data could be exploited from within CppDepend.

Support for C++1y/C++14 projects

CppDepend v5.0 works with the latest version of Clang which implement all of the Draft International Standard (see most recent publicly available draft) of the upcoming C++14 language standard. Please refer here for more details.


CppDepend v5.0 operates all Clang diagnostics which are easy to browse using CQlinq. Hundreds of Clang diagnostics are available:

  • Unused code,
  • Deprecated usage,
  • Cast issues,
  • Conversion isssues,
  • Preprocessor issues,
  • Comparison issues.

Custom CQlinq Extensions

For more flexibility, CppDepend v5.0 offers now a powerful way to develop your custom CQlinq extensions using the CppDepend API. for example you can easily add a new metric to methods and invoke it using a query like this:

from m in Methods where m.MyMetric>20 select m

Clang C++ Modernizer

CppDepend v5.0 uses the clang-modernize, a standalone tool used to automatically convert C++ code written against old standards to use features of the newest C++ standard where appropriate.

More adapted to C projects

Until CppDepend v4.0 the code base was structured using namespaces/types/ methods and fields which are not adapted to pure C projects. CppDepend v5.0 offers now a Directory/File structure and CQlinq extensions to query files. The class browser and all the interactive graphs are now adapted to explore better the pure C projects.

CppDepend offers a wide range of features. It is often described as a Swiss Army Knife for C and C++ developers.

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