CppDepend External Tools Integration

External Tools Integration

CppDepend provides many interesting features to exploit all data extracted from the analysis phase, and it's very interesting to use these features to exploit the analysis data of the other static analysis tools like:

You can import the XML files of these tools from CppDepend.

plugins import
CppDepend supports the Code Query Linq (CQLinq) for maximum flexibility. it will help you answer in seconds your questions about your code base.
And it's very interesting to use it to query the data extracted from external static analysis tools. CppDepend provides many useful CQLinq queries to query the plugins data:

browse extracted data from external tools using cqlinq

And you can create your custom CQLinq queries to query the data extracted from the analysis of CppDepend and the other tools.

For example we can search for popular methods containing CppCheck problems; these methods could have high priority because these issues could impact many other methods.

browse for cppcheck problems with cqlinq

Or search for most classes violating the CppCheck rules:

most classes violiting the cppcheck rules

Another interesting feature that can be useful to exploit the external tools data is the trend monitoring. The goal is to have a chart of The CppCheck violations evolution. It's very useful for a manager to follow the projects quality between versions.

CppDepend is also open to the other static analysis tools. Discover how you can plug another tool.

CppDepend offers a wide range of features. It is often described as a Swiss Army Knife for C and C++ developers.

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